“Life is a big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can!” -D. Kaye

I am a scientist-turned-artist, and I share the story of my circuitous journey to this wonderful life over here. It’s been an incredible adventure, and along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to have won some awards, showed my work in eight solo exhibitions since 2005, and in countless group shows – most recently in New York City!

My paintings are fluid and organic abstractions, often featuring the softness of lace and leaves against rugged textural marks. I would love others to see them as  joyful celebrations, painterly representations of the mysterious yet universal human experience of growth from adversity.

I am delighted that from my home in Perth, Western Australia, my work has encircled the globe and is now featured in public and private collections all over the world, including the renowned private collection of the late Robert Juniper, one of Australia’s most prominent and respected artists.

Painting and exhibiting my work are just part of the story. The ‘other half’ of my art practice involves sharing my process with others. Teaching and creating have become two sides of the same coin – I now cannot imagine one without the other! My popular and unique workshop, Painting for Beginners takes an absolute beginner and fills them with possibilities! They make beautiful art in just one fun, insanely busy day as they learn my very own seven step process. This workshop that began in my backyard just a few years ago, with five young folk who were keen to learn to paint has now grown into my consuming passion and helped transform the lives of so many people!  It is an incredible honour to be part of another’s creative journey, and that delight I witness in my students as they rediscover their creativity… aaah, it makes my heart sing :)

I share my life with my super creative husband, Gregory, who is winning a battle with a very yukky type of cancer, and our beautiful and talented daughter, Mary (and we all do the bidding of two very noisy little black dogs, Lucy and Layla :)

Thank you for your interest in me and my work. I hope to be able to serve you with my art, my teaching and my friendship.